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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

English SPM Essay 1

Better Late Than Never
By: Ericson Enteqal (SMK Bandar Bintulu)

            Alison Evans was a teenage girl who just had her driving license for her nineteenth birthday for her parents. She was so excited and thrilled with her new experiences on her driving skills. When she went to college, she drove her new Porsche and showed it off to her peers. Alison thought it was fun by drifting in her campus and the compliments that she had from her friends were the coolest things that she ever dreamt. Well, teenager at her age can be easily influenced by her surroundings. So, it was no offense if she would try to break the rules just to gain respects from her friends.

            After school on Fridays, Alison usually asked her friends out as they were going to spend their weekend together. In addition, they did have to attend any class on weekends. These party girls visited the club near to their campus. It was probably a kilometre away from their campus. It had been a weekly routine for Alison to enjoy her weekends in the club. She totally misused the freedom that her parents have given.

            She continued her wild lifestyle on the road as well. She drove her car like there were no other drivers on the road. Sometimes, she drove home even though she was under the influence of alcohol. Speeding up when the traffic lights turned red was another usual act of her. After being summon for countless times, she still stuck with her old habits. She never realised that her actions could harm other road users’ life. She was always defended by her parents for her mistakes on the road whenever her college counsellor tried to discuss this issue with them.

            Well, not every day is a good day for Alison. It was another sunny Friday noon when things turned out unexpected to Alison. The excitement turned into a nightmare when she was driving in drunken mode. Somehow, Alison’s friends did not stop her as they were drunk too. The heart-breaking incident occurred near the school compound. Alison was rushing home after receiving a distress phone call from her mother said that her father was in critical condition due to his stroke. She was speeding over the limits and without the seat belt on.

            Alison’s friends still remained unconscious at the passenger seats. During the peak time, students were usually going home and some of them have to cross the road as their parents were waiting at the opposite side of the school. While in the other direction, the drunken Alison sped up even more. Suddenly, she lost control of her car and it skidded towards the students at the sidewalk. The tragic moment happened in the blink of an eye. Alison tried to brake her car but it was too late. Alison and her friends were being thrown out from the car because of the great impact produced when the collision occurred.

            The accident took away fifteen lives and one of them was Alison’s best friend, Amanda. Besides, Alison suffered from malfunction eye sides after the accident due to the windscreen glasses which entered her eyes. For sure, she was using a wheelchair now as her legs were broken. It was a breathtaking moment for Alison’s mother when she saw her daughter was being charged in court. Finally, Alison realised that the accident was an eye-opening and a wake up call for her to change her attitude when driving.

            Katherine Mansfield, a poet said that: “Could we change our attitude, we should not only see life differently, but life itself would come to be different.” Make a change in our life that can save others life is worth by buckling up and remains under the speed limits. Together we can make a different. Do not seek death unnecessarily! It is better late than never.

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