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Monday, July 4, 2011

English SPM Essay 4

How to Cope With Stress
By: Dennis Ling ( SMK Bandar Bintulu)

          First and foremost, time and again, parents and students are not attend to what they eat in everyday life. In the pursuit of materialistic and wealth, so they only simply purchase the take-away food from fast food restaurant as the services are quite fast. In this case, their health will deteriorate and even vulnerable to crucial health diseases such as cancer, kidney failure and lethargy. They are also prone to stress. Thus, individuals should have balanced meals according to the food pyramid provided by World Health organization (WHO). They are reinvigorated to eat colours in their diet. Also, try to avoid from eating salty and oily foods.

          Besides, individuals should have enough sleep to give enough energy for working the next day. Individuals should refrain from working until the wee hours of morning because it will make individuals tired and exhausted. So, by getting enough sleep can assist individuals to rejuvenate and recuperate well.

          Without doubt, individuals should do regular exercise. Individuals can choose the garden or the park as the place for exercising. Besides releasing stress, individuals can also build strong muscles and keep their bodies as fit as a fiddle. Individuals also can breathe in fresh air and take a look at the magnificence of scenery.

          Next, individuals should also spend a little time to communicate to family, friends and even counselors. If you have any vexation, try to sit down and tell your feelings to them. Then, they will lend a hand to you to rectify the problems. Via this effective ways, I think individuals will feel exhilarated or release stress that buries in their hearts.

          Furthermore, individuals should also lay out a study timetable as if the homeworks can finish on time because procrastination is a bad habit that should be come to a halt. As the saying goes, “Procrastination is the thief of time”. Thus, individuals should plan their times wisely so that stress can be avoided.

          Working in groups also is an effective way to remedy stress. Such activities will help us to reduce the burden because works are divided among the group members. Through this kind of method, besides releasing stress, individuals can also build a comradeship among the group members.

          Last but not least, I expect all the tips just now will come in handy. I hope there will more people that can live with healthy lifestyle. Ultimately, no stress! No stress! No stress!        

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