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Saturday, July 9, 2011

English SPM Essay 5


Tomorrow is what everyone is living for. Tomorrow lies in darkness but many, armed with the little knowledge they have, tries their best to bring it to light. Tomorrow has a friend we call Uncertainty. Tomorrow and Uncertainty works hand in hand and together they have the power to ruin humans’ plan. What tomorrow brings is way beyond human’s imagination for we as beings of mortal can only guess and hope.

Time present and time past are both perhaps present in time future. And time future contained in time past.

Do we know that whatever we do today will determine our every tomorrows? Each step taken, each choice chose and each decision made will determine what tomorrow will serve the moment you wake up in the light of dawn. This is why it is of utmost importance that we be careful in our every choice for a wrong one may prove fatal.

Life awaits us and the future is teasing us. One wrong decision is all it takes to destroy both life and future. On the brink of destruction they lie fragile, destiny ordained by decisions of today.

Have you ever played a game of chess? This is a game where a lot of patience and thoughts must be put into. It requires the players to think, evaluate and take risks – lots of them. 16 pieces is all each player has to make or break the game, 16 pieces to determine the better player and 16 pieces to determine the loser. A player has to think really hard before making his move. He has to think and try to foresee the consequences of each move he will make. He plays the game in his mind and in his mind he makes his decision on which piece would be move. To win he needs a lot of wisdom and insights, sometimes he has to sacrifice a few of his pieces – it is all in the game.

Nothing is certain for the player who has made his move and he can only sit back and anticipate with hope that he made the right move.

Life is similar to a game of chess. Our opponent is non other than the dreadful Tomorrow. He plays the game with you. His move is determined by your move and your move is determined by his. Play well and you might be crowned winner. One wrong move on the right piece or one right move on the wrong piece will cause your downfall.

Life is a game of chess. But comparable to chess, it has opportunities. A wrong move made is irreversible but guess what? You are still in the game if it is not over. The game is only over when it is over. Though irreversible your move is, your next move is your second chance for redemption. Think long and think wise before placing your piece at the mercy of your opponent. 16 pieces is all you have got, but it does not equal to 16 chances, remember that.

One may argue that there is luck in the game. Whether luck or coincidence exists or not does not matter. What matters most is that you plan out carefully your next move and pray before making it. What tomorrow brings I know not. Where I will go tomorrow I can confirm not. What will be waiting for me I know not. All I know is I do not want to have fate as of the likes of the men of old who has met disaster sooner than desired.

Life is a game of chess. Wisdom and insights, careful thoughts and courageous risk, getting up after a fall and redemption are what matters. So let us live everyday with decisions made wisely. Let us seek for wisdom
from God above and insights for the future. What happens today determines tomorrow.

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